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People don't think that child sexual assault is possible in their community. Create a campaign to educate communities on what they can do to keep children safe from predators. 

For this project, Ross Chowles' ADV 428 class partnered with the Traverse Bay Advocacy Center (backed by in order to develop our campaigns. We worked alongside survivors of CSA and heard their stories for a better understanding of what we can do to help. 


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For this campaign, I began by creating a scroll-down website (linked through Facebook) that notes commonly missed red flags when it comes to Child Sexual assault. The landing page shows low-contrast red text on a red page that reads, "SOME RED FLAGS ARE EASY TO MISS," intended to make the viewer do a double take, and think deeper about the topic at hand. As you scroll, you have the option to click on different resources and expanded information pages. 




Since we are dealing with such a sensitive topic, it was my priority to keep information and graphics incredibly minimal on my billboards so there was a reduced risk of triggering survivors. I chose to use a white QR code against a bright red background, as it is still attention-grabbing and leaves it to the viewer to inquire. These billboards all link to the scroll-down website I created and be posted throughout the community.

I also chose to create another billboard that consists of red vinyl lettering on a matching red fabric. At first glance, the only visible text is the Public Will website, however when wet, the damp fabric reveals the copy, "SOME RED FLAGS ARE EASY TO MISS," matching the social media landing page.