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For this project, Dave  Regan's ADV 486 class partnered with ally financial to create a disruptive campaign, with the goal of advertising their app to gen z. This mock-agency style class divided teams where we collected quantitative and qualitative research, and developed and designed our campaign. At the end of the semester, we presented our ideas to ally. 



BY-   Julia LoBello (slides 1-16)

 Lauren Cox (slides 17-20)


Since we are dealing with such a sensitive topic, it was my priority to keep information and graphics incredibly minimal on my billboards so there was a reduced risk of triggering survivors. I chose to use a white QR code against a bright red background, as it is still attention-grabbing and leaves it to the viewer to inquire. These billboards all link to the scroll-down website I created and be posted throughout the community.

I also chose to create another billboard that consists of red vinyl lettering on a matching red fabric. At first glance, the only visible text is the Public Will website, however when wet, the damp fabric reveals the copy, "SOME RED FLAGS ARE EASY TO MISS," matching the social media landing page. 

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